‘the Poetess of our city’
Michele Raphael, Publisher of Angels Flight + Literary West magazine
“ LINDA RAVENSWOOD is a great gift, a real artist … I have to be honest
and say I think the world of her … “
Marcos McPeek Villatoro, Internationally acclaimed Salvadoran / American Poet
‘the voice of The City of the Angels’
Dorsay Dujon, Founder/Chief Executive Officer Make Music Los Angeles, Board Member Arts for LA
“ Linda is a bold, decisive artist. She contemplates subject matter as disquieting as it is beautiful, taking on alternately public art as easily as ants and moonbeams. I understand, as do you that we live in a world of superlatives, however she is incredible. “
Geoffrey Gatza, Publisher, BlazeVOX Books
a tsunami that takes the shape of Poetry …. the glorious, Linda Ravenswood …
Jonathon Rios, Activist, Empowerment Congress board
“ Linda stands out among the highest caliber … (her) work will continue to push the boundaries of whatever field she engages. “
Michael R. Heim, , Fulbright Scholar, Author, Translator, “The Philosopher of Cyberspace“
Linda’s work uplifts …. (she makes) wonderful love songs/challenges/invitations to a vision of art at its best — expansive but specific, nuanced but archetypal…so firmly dedicated to empathy, diversity, inclusion and empowerment ….. the kind of work that can shift our hearts and transform us.
Trevor Davis, Writer, Activist, Producer at Mirrored Media
‘ They asked us about who is who in the group (Melrose Poetry Bureau); who was the soul, and the scientist, who was this or that, and I knew, right away, what I’d say about Linda. She’s the genius among us ‘.
Brian Sonia - Wallace, RENT Poet